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We know they have our backs. So, when they look at us, what do they really see. What do they feel. How do they know so much about us.


The degree to which dogs are connected to us is astonishing, and while the evolution of our shared relationship goes a long way toward explaining the depth of the human-canine bond, it doesn't fully unravel our unmitigated, head-over-tails love affair.


Being With Farley

With the help of their new Mini Aussie, Farley, a young Canadian couple discovers companionship, community—and unexpected Instagram stardom.

Designing a Beautiful Life For Dogs

A true example of compassion in action, fashion designer John Bartlett dedicates much of his time to rescuing dogs and advocating for their wellbeing. His dogs have also been by his side when he's needed them most.



Weston, Florida

Nina is a super happy, friendly girl who is 8-years-old and currently accepting applications for forever love!


Kansas City, Missouri

Rocky is a 2-years-old Boxer mix that is still looking for his forever home.


Glenwood Springs, CO

This is Balto the Husky! He is known as the gentle soul with the most beautiful eyes.


Napoleonville, LA

Apollonia is a 12-years-old gem of a gal. She has been in a shelter forever! It's time to get her a loving home.


Northbrook, IL

2-year-old Gus is a real sweetheart to all people and dogs!


O'ahu, Hawaii

Are you ready to fall in love? Meet Wailua - this 2-year-old Terrier mix is the complete package.

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The Dog Cottage

A young couple discovers two stray dogs living in an abandoned cottage deep in the Colorado wilderness.

Howler’s Hill

John Bartlett

Documentarian Elizabeth Li and host, John Bartlett, converse about the stray dog population in Istanbul.

Howler’s Hill

Otter: Dog of Reckoning

In an excerpt from Chloe Shaw's new memoir, What Is A Dog, the author reminds us of the importance of honoring dogs for who they are: dogs!

Getting To Wellness

Wellness isn't only for humans. It's a lifestyle and daily practice that you and your dog can enjoy together. The ultimate goal? Wellbeing for you both.

Style & Design

The History of Dog Fashion

From ancient Egypt to twenty-first century Hollywood, fashion has always been a part of our relationship with dogs.


Around the Collar Dog Collar

Around the Collar

Woof Concept Ikonic Leash

Woof Concept



Sundays For Dogs

Sundays For Dogs
Moment in Time

Marlon Brando relaxing with his grandmother's dachshund at her house in Van Nuys, Ca., October 1949.

The Man and His Dog

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