Note from dog
Hello Humans!

I'm Dog…so nice to meet you! And welcome to the first issue of Love, Dog!

About Love, Dog

For 35,000 years, perhaps more, dogs and humans have had a positively remarkable connection. Considering we've always been here for one another, it's no wonder we humans often refer to our canine companions as our best friends.

Enter Love, Dog, a digital publication that explores this friendship from every dimension. With as much love, respect, and compassion as humanly possible, we're going to give dogs the voice they deserve—a place at the table, if you will—and seek to appreciate the world through their yes. With this fresh vantage point, readers will forge an even stronger bond, helping their dogs to live their very best lives—while having a lot of fun along the way! From rescue & adoption to health & wellness, from dog-related literature & art to canine style & design, Love, Dog is a compilation —and celebration—of everything dogs want us thinking and talking about.

Love, Dog is committed to being a compassionate, values-driven enterprise, donating 10% of all proceeds to rescue and adoption organizations, as well as to other canine nonprofits.


Founder & Publisher: Mark Drucker

Executive Editor: Taylor Plimpton

Strategic Brand Director: Patrick Brennan

Editor, Dog Bones (News): BL Ochman

Editor, Style & Design: Kristopher Fraser

Research Chief: Leah Rosch

Editor, Dogs for Adoption: Justyna Szymczak

Creative Director, Brand Marketing: John Jaxheimer

Website Design:

Ted Delano, Daniela Goncalves, Hugo Vale Pereira