Dream dog material. For Spaniel lovers, she is a sure thing. All Tina needs is your love and affection.

Adopt Tina
Cocker Spaniel
7 Years Old
29 Lbs

Tina is an adorable seven-year-old White and Tan Cocker Spaniel. This beauty can see with her heart, and she is very responsive. Tina is confident, a social butterfly, and extremely smart. She makes solid eye contact and is as quick to learn from you as she is eager to please and belong. The first thing you’ll notice about Tina when you meet her is her tail. As long as she is awake, it’s wagging. The second thing that will catch your attention is how gentle and friendly she is. She fearlessly hands her adoring little ticker to anyone willing to bend down and touch her. She adores humans. Tina loves naps and cuddles especially curled up in your lap. She will thrive in a home that would take her on daily walks in the city or outside the city. She’s a go-with-the-flow kind of gal.

Adopt Tina


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