They grew up together


She brings her babies to meet him every spring

Buttons and G-Bro have been best friends for 11 years.

She brings her babies to meet G-Bro every spring. In this odd couple, Buttons is a deer and G-Bro is a Golden Retriever.

G-Bro’s family rescued Buttons after she was hit by a car and nursed her back to health. They released her to the wild, but she comes back regularly to visit, hike, play and just hang out with G-Bro. She’ll even knock at the door if its not answered quickly.

G-Bro loves the baby deer, and acts like he’s part of their family. One comment on the video sums it up perfectly. “Can anyone tell me animals do not have emotion, compassion, empathy, a conscience and intelligence? Interspecies bonding and relationships are totally amazing and awesome!”

Source: The DoDo

Deer Brings Her Babies To Meet Her Dog Best Friend Every Spring! | The Dodo Odd Couples

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