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I’m Ruby! I’m the star of this month’s Companionship story, Ruby, My Dear, along with my two humans, Lucian Truscott IV and Tracy Harris.

Dog chased a cat up a tree

Lathrop Manteca Fire District

Dog chased a cat up a tree

It’s not your typical everyday problem. Firefighters at Lathrop Manteca Fire District in California thought the 911 call was a prank at first. But Baby, a full-grown German Shepherd, really was stuck atop a tall tree. He’d chased a cat up the tree and couldn’t get down.

“…in my 10 years of experience of being in fire/EMS, that’s the first I heard of a dog in a tree,” firefighter Marty Ortiz told CBS News. Luckily, Ortiz was able to rescue Baby. The cat got down all by itself, unharmed.

Firefighters Rescue German Shepherd That Chased Cat Up A Tree

When firefighters got that call, they couldn’t believe it.

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