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Honey is an absolute beauty. She is a Terrier mix, 2 years old, approximately 35 lbs.

Terrier Mix
2 Years
35 lb
Laid-back males

Honey is an adorable, fun-loving dog who enjoys being active with her humans. She can sit, shake and fetch. She loves giving kisses and thinks she's a lapdog. She is intelligent and always makes the effort to please her companions.

Honey is protective of her family and can be cautiously defensive around strangers. She can also be reactive to other dogs while on leash, which is why the shelter recommends against walking her in urban areas. Honey is good with kids and loves attention. She would probably do best as your only dog, though she could perhaps be paired with a laid-back but playful male dog. Her foster home has a cat, but a home without one would be ideal. Honey may bark at strangers but will quiet down when instructed.

Honey just looking for her very own loving home.
I mean ... come on, play with me !

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