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Shirley Rae

Shirley Rae is a sweet and beautiful 1-year-old Pitbull seeking to love her forever human.

Adopt Shirley Rae
1 Year Old
Approximately 50 lbs

Shy dogs can be overlooked in the shelter systems. They stay in the back of their kennel when the friendly ones rush forward to greet new faces. The dogs have only one chance to make the best impression, and the brave one usually gets scooped up way before the timid one. That's just the reality. Shirley Rae is one of those shy dogs. She has beautiful eyes and a sweet demeanor. This kind girl is coming out of her shell more and more each day. She does well with other dogs and has begun to emerge as a delightful young lady. The shelter believes that she would do best in a quiet home where she can be left to do it all at her own pace. She would love a patient family that would give her the time she needs and understands that even the best require some work. Shirley Rae would benefit from a dog companion that is confident and a guardian. If this beauty sounds like a perfect girl for your family, hit the adopt button today.

Shirley Rae laying on the grass - Love, Dog

Shirley Rae is ready to head home with you.

Shirley Rae outdoors smiling - Love, Dog

Definitely a face that more than just a mom can love.

Adopt Shirley Rae

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