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A Labrador mix with blue eyes, long legs and a forever smile. A true New Yorker!

Adopt Zion
Labrador Mix
4 months
15 lbs

Zion's got a lot going on for him. This 4-month-old puppy is incredibly sweet and friendly with everyone, even if it is just chilling on your lap. He recently arrived in New York City from Puerto Rico and tells us he'd like to settle in the big apple. Like any great model, Zion seems camera ready at all time. Please help us spread the word so we can find this charming and happy pup the forever home he deserves. Zion likes to play with toys and has great energy. Doesn't this blue eyed, long legged pup with a happy tail that never seems to stop wagging sound like a dream? If you want a total charmer to enjoy life with, simply hit the Adopt Zion button.

I will always listen to you.
Adopt Zion

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